Interested in Volunteering in the Park? 

Getting involved can cause good feelings, lead to new friendships, and be lots of fun!

Quiet Waters Park and the Friends of Quiet Waters Park have a variety of volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are needed throughout the year for various annual events, seasonal gardening, and invasive species management. If you have an interest in volunteering, please complete the short form below, and we will contact you when the need arises.

Volunteer Form

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Do you have a special area of interest?  Art? Sculpture? History? Nature?  Music? Invasive plant removal?  Or working in the gardens?   There are many ways to help us as we help out our wonderful park and its staff.

You may contact any of the Committees listed below to find a volunteer opportunity that matches your specific  interest:

Art Committeeartsinfo@fqwp.org

Sculpture Committeesculptureinfo@fqwp.org

Environmental Committeeenvironmentinfo@fqwp.org (includes Invasive-plant removal activities)

Summer Concerts concertinfo@fqwp.org 

Membership Committeemembershipinfo@fqwp.org 

Development Committee developmentinfo@fqwp.org 

Communications Committeeinfo@friendsofquietwaterspark.org

Thank you for your interest in the Friends and our mission to support and enhance Quiet Waters Park.