2024 Fairy House Festival Submission

May 4-31, 2024

Hosted by Quiet Waters Park and the Friends of Quiet Waters Park Sculpture Committee

2024 Submission Guidelines 

  • Fairy house creators complete and submit the form below. Creators can be individuals or groups.
  • The first 75 submission forms received from Anne Arundel County residents will receive an acceptance notice. Once you have your acceptance notice, you can begin to construct your Fairy House.
  • Fairy Houses may be delivered to the Park between April 29 and May 3.  To deliver your house, come to the Visitor Center; leave your house in the car and you will be given instructions on how to find the perfect spot to place your house along the Holly Trail.
  • All the Fairy Houses will be displayed along the Holly Trail beginning on May 4, 2024, and will be there until the end of the month.
  • The theme of the house may be anything you wish – Fairies are very creative and adaptable!

Fairy Houses come from all cultures and traditions.  Creativity is encouraged!  Houses for elves, gnomes and pixies are also welcome as are homes for other small mythical beings.

Use materials found in nature—dry grasses, leaves, sticks, pebbles,
shells, bark from a fallen tree, seed pods, acorns, berries, gourds, miniature pumpkins, pine cones, and flowers are a few examples. No glitter, confetti, or non-native seeds, please!

All fairy houses appear to be made of natural components. Hot glue, acrylic spray, twine, and other man-made items can be used but are concealed by natural elements. No paper or other products that could melt in the rain are part of a fairy house. Small figurines – of a material other than natural components – may be part of the fairy house.  However, remember that anything in a fairy house is subject to the elements – and wild animals – and may disappear.

Fairy Houses are portable and strongly secured to a sturdy base. Round “tree cookies” approximately 1-1.5 feet in diameter for bases are available at no cost upon request at the Quiet Waters Park Gatehouse entrance between March 15 and April 15.  These are being cut from fallen trees in the Park. If you use your own wood plank, maximum dimensions are 2’x2’x2’. The idea is to use a sturdy base (e.g. plywood) that can hold up if wet.

Fairy Houses do not have any items of value and are subject to the elements.  Quiet Waters Park and Friends of Quiet Waters Park are not responsible for loss or damage.

Fairy houses have names that are clearly marked and attached to the house. You can use a rock or other natural item.

Also, place Your name as the creator somewhere on the house. Houses will be photographed on opening day. Photographs may be used in future promotional materials featuring the festival.

If you have any questions about constructing your Fairy House, you can send an email to  tinkerbell@fqwp.org.

Fairy houses will remain on display along the Holly Trail through May 31  and may be collected beginning June 1, 2024.

Any houses not claimed by 4 p.m. on June 8th will magically disappear!


  • Fairy house creators complete and submit this form.
  • The first 75 submission forms received from Anne Arundel County residents will be accepted.  We will notify you by email of your acceptance.

2024 Fairy House

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